Sunday, December 24, 2006

I received this from Pro-life Missionary Cal Zastrow regarding his second trial in Mississippi, stemming from pro-life ministry with Operation Save America in the summer of 2006. May God bless Cal and his family for their faithful defense of life!!
James Niemela
Dec. 23, 2006
Dear family and friends,
Holiness unto the Lord!
Thank you for praying.
I was found guilty of demonstraing without a permit on Tuesday. The judge accepted an affidavit of a policeman against me as evidence, even though no police showed up to testify against me. Because Operation Save America had gotten a permit from the City of Jackson to use sound amplification in front of the abortion mill last July, the police arrested people at various other locations who were holding signs around the city because they were protesting outside of the permit zone. The judge went along with that, but didn't throw us in jail. During the first trial, he even declared that he wasn't dealing with the constitutionality of the issues. Six of us were declared guilty and fined $100. plus court costs. Two pro-lifers had their charges dismissed. The judge declared four pro-lifers "not-guilty." Ed Martin was found guilty for carrying a wooden cross on a sidewalk not within the permit zone. It was bananaland, unpredictable, and punctuated with dramatic moments.
Some of the cops lied, but the judge realized this after watching part of our video. Yes, the attorney will appeal our convictions so we can keep on fighting tyranny in the courts. Although brief, my statement before sentencing warned of God's judgment upon nations and judges who support child-killing instead of honoring the Lord. I preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and declared the humanity of our preborn neighbors. Here's a link to the article in the paper that scratched the surface:
The day before our trial, a local pro-lifer was on trial - E.C. Smith. Early this year, abortionist Joseph Booker tried to drive over him. Smith filed charges against Booker and Booker filed charges against Smith, for "threatening him." E.C. is peaceful and didn't threaten anyone. The City of Jackson threw out the charge against the abortionist while convicting the pro-lifer. He got six months in jail, suspended, supervised probation for six months, and fined $250. It was ugly. I preached to abortionist Booker as he left the courthouse. Although he has been imprisoned twice for his various crimes, the judge believed him but not the peaceful pro-lifer.
Before driving home, my sons and I preached on the streets in front of the last surgical abortion chamber in the the State of Mississippi. I'm sure God blessed prayer for out safety as we made it home without problems. Thanks again.
I am shouting GLORY all the way!
Cal Zastrow