Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Where The Rubber Meets The Road-UPCOMING ACTION ITEM!!

We will have a new State Representative in the 110th District of Michigan in a few days. Mike Lahti will be taking over in Rich Brown's place. During his campaign, Representative-elect Lahti made pro-life statements, such as at the League of Women Voters forum at the Houghton High School, where he stated that he is anti-abortion, and further stated his opposition to stem cell research where the embryo is killed. Mr. Lahti was also endorsed by Michigan Right to Life. It was encouraging to hear him take a stand for life. As he takes office, we have the opportunity to remind him that words without action are meaningless. Will you join me in contacting him to ask him to sponsor legislation to define life as starting at conception, and stop abortion in Michigan? Can you call, e-mail, or write him? Now is the time to act and make good on campaign statements which support life. This is where the rubber meets the road. Pro-life officials need to start acting pro-life!! Please join me in asking Mr. Lahti to do so! I will post his contact info soon, so please check back.

Also, I would invite you to join Michigan Prolifers e-mail alert list. You may find instructions on the left hand side of the page. Thank you!

James Niemela