Monday, December 24, 2007

More on Ron Paul

Dear reader,

Recently I received an email from Pastor Matt Trewhella, founder of Milwaukee-based Missionaries To The Preborn, in support of Ron Paul for President of these united States. Please feel free to comment.

"Dear Friends of the Preborn,

In this ABC interview Mike Huckabee states that he attends a church in Little Rock modeled after Rick Warren's Saddleback Church in California. He also attended seminary with Warren. Rick Warren of course is the pastor who had Barak 'I've never seen an abortion I didn't like' Obama speak at his church last year during the church's AIDS conference, and now just three weeks ago, he had Hillary Clinton, also a well-known advocate of baby-murder and homosexuality, speaking at his church conference.

The article states that Huckabee "sides with Warren in the chasm between those more traditional members of the so-called Christian Right, and those who think evangelicals should focus on other issues beyond abortion and same-sex marriage."

This article reveals why I have been wary to throw my support behind Huckabee. I sensed the same old two-faced lip-service that the Republicans are famous for when it comes to the paramount matters of abortion and homosexuality when watching Huckabee speak. I fear Huckabee will give us what the Republicans have given us for 35 years now when it comes to abortion - lip-service! I quietly and sincerely hope I am wrong. Nevertheless, we need to realize the Republican leadership likes to keep abortion legal because it is a useful tool to keep the Christians in their fold. Hopefully those of us who are Christians will one day wake up and smell the coffee.

Quite frankly, while the Christians have been busy throwing their hats into Huckabee's ring, I think we have missed a great opportunity by our not supporting Ron Paul. I do not agree with Ron Paul on all matters (there's not a man alive on earth that I do), but he is 100% pro-life. He is honest. He says what he believes and you can follow his voting record and see that he puts his actions where his mouth is. He has been married to his wife for 50 years. And, he actually believes in the constitutional limitations of the federal government.

Why are the "conservatives" attacking and belittling him? Because most "conservatives" are just as big Statists as the liberals are. They want a strong, all-pervasive, central government - they just want their version of it; a more clean-cut version - yet nevertheless strong, all-pervasive, central government.

When will we realize that the central government, our federal government, which has brought us the immoral tyranny that our nation suffers under, is not the answer to undo the immoral tyranny? A Paul presidency would help level the playing field in that individual states would no longer be mere bureaucratic conduits of the federal government. A Paul presidency would return a balance of power in our nation by neutering a mad-dog federal government.

Do you want to see the federal government's tyranny of immorality come to an end? Paul would veto 95% of what Congress sends to his desk. His presidency would be like that of President John Tyler (1841-1845) who vetoed nearly everything Congress sent his way. Tyler was my favorite president and his life is worth a read (he too opposed the formation of a central bank).

I've lived long enough now to have seen that whenever a genuine man runs for president and he gets a little traction going, the "conservatives" (whose wagon American Christianity has tied itself to) attack him through misinformation, outright slander, and guilt by association. They did it to Buchanan in '96 and now they are doing it to Paul. Christians parrot the conservative talking-heads, rather than support a man who stands against the very source of tyranny in our nation - the federal government.

Why Christians continue to look to central government, our federal government, to correct things is beyond me. Did not the Republicans have the House, the Senate, and the Presidency for six years? And did we see abortion end? No, but we saw sodomy decriminalized. The government which governs best is that which is nearest the people, and hence more accountable to the people. I cannot even afford to drive to Washington D.C. to try an influence the swine that inhabit that region, but I can drive an hour down the road to Madison (our capitol) to influence them there.

As Christians, we need to instruct the people in the role and function of civil government (as seen in Scripture), otherwise government can do whatever it wants and people do not know what they are doing is wrong! We also need to instruct people in the doctrine of the lesser magistrate so that perhaps one day a lesser magistrate will stand up to the federal tyranny and actually be supported by the people when he does so!

Pastor Matt Trewhella

To see footage of Hillary speaking from Rick Warren's pulpit click on the following link scroll down under the little tv set and click on the link titled 'Clinton targets Evnagelicals.' "