Thursday, February 1, 2007

Please pray for Montana!!

Montana State Rep Rick Jore, newly elected candidate of the Constitution Party of Montana, has sponsored House Bill 403, which would amend Montana's constitution to define life as commencing at fertilization, and restore protection to Montana's preborn citizens. Tomorrow, Febuary 2, the amendment will be debated in committee. Please pray that the legislators would side with protecting the right to life of all their citizens, including the preborn! Pray also for Dr. Patrick Johnston, the founder of the Association of Prolife Physicians, who is flying to Montana to testify on behalf of the legislation.

Note: The Constitution Party of Montana is not affiliated with the National Constitution Party, since the National CP has compromised on the 100% prolife issue, and is no longer 100% prolife in action. The Montana CP stood on principle, and severed ties with the national organization. For more info on this issue, please visit The American View.

James Niemela