Saturday, January 27, 2007


Please write your Congressman and ask him to co-sponsor the "Right to Life Act", which was introduced by Congressman Duncan Hunter, of California. It was introduced in 2005, has been co-sponsored by about 100 other representatives, and has been sent to the House Judiciary Committee. It has not been sent out of committee, and as a result the blood of babies has continued to be spilt. This bill would define that life starts at conception, and grant preborn people the same rights as postborn people.

A note for people in the 1st Congressional District of Michigan, you may write Congressman Stupak directly from his website .

In an excerpt from a letter Rep Stupak sent me, he stated, "Please know, I am firmly committed to the belief that life begins at conception and I will continue to vote consistent with my Pro-Life beliefs. If the House chooses to bring HR 552 to a vote, I will be sure to keep your comments in mind. "

Lets encourage him to act prolife by co-sponsoring the "Right to Life Act."

James Niemela