Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another state has an opportunity to end child-killing

North Dakota has an opportunity to outlaw child-killing. Will a State Rep step up to the plate? (News from Michigan Prolife Missionary Cal Zastrow)

Dear Praying friends,

Holiness unto the Lord!

Monday, Jan. 15th, is the last day for submitting proposed bills to the North Dakota House of Reps.
My pro-life friends over there have a bill to be introduced that will protect all preborn children, but can't find one single rep. to sponsor it. The same bill was introduced during the last two sessions and was defeated.
William Wilberforce rattled slave chains in Parliament for over 30 years until slavery was abolished in the British Empire. Please pray that somebody of his stripe will rise up tomorrow in North Dakota.
Yes, it really got down to -30 degrees last week in North Dakota. And, it was windy. Yes, pro-lifers stand in that cold to sidewalk counsel, pray, and hold pro-life signs on the one day each week that the only death pit in the state murders preborn babies.
Doing street ministry in winter in Northern states means sometimes our tears freeze quickly when moms reject help, reject God's love, and murder their preborn children. Thanks for praying.

In Christ,