Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Michigan pro-life missionary Cal Zastrow convicted in Mississippi for "failure to obey a police officer."

Dear family and friends,

Holiness unto the Lord! By being able to preach Christ and declare the humanity of preborn children in court, I won! I proclaimed the vision of the State of Mississippi going from the worst civil rights state to the best by being the first state to protect the civil rights of preborn children. I feel that I won the approval of Jesus and the babies. In Pearl, Mississippi, Judge John Shirley didn't see it that way and found me guilty on Nov. 7th of "failure to obey a police officer" and sentenced me to a fine of $250. and four months in jail. Ken Scott was tried and convicted also. He got personal in his statement before sentencing and warned the judge to flee from the wrath of God upon those who are accomplices to the murder of children and those who deny justice. We have appealed the verdicts to the next higher court and our jail sentences are suspended (for now). The attornies from the American Family Association Center for Law and Public Policy did a great job, but the verdict was decided before we ever walked into the courtroom.

The judge didn't like the shirt with a picture of the murdered baby, Malachi, on it. He didn't like it when one of our supporters was praying silently but slightly lifting his hand. He got mad when he saw my thirteen-year-old daughter, Corrie, recording the trial. He even ordered her up in front of the bench and took the camera from her. He sternly barked that the supreme court ruled that no cameras were allowed. And, he didn't like it after the trial when one of our supporters with a laptop respectfully tried to show him the court ruling that cameras were permitted. (He probably didn't like our northern accents, but I don't know for sure.)

Last July, we were arrested for holding pro-life signs alongside a public road during the Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America event. The eight-day event last summer focused on lifting up Jesus and helping local Christians in their efforts to close the last baby-killing "abortion clinic" in the entire state.

The day before I was arrested in Pearl, I was arrested (with others) in the City of Jackson for holding a pro-life sign alongside a public street.

The charge was "failure to obey a police officer." I was ticketed and released. Several of us have trials in Jackson on Dec. 19. I plan to go back. The abortionist at the last death pit in Mississippi, Dr. Booker, recently tried to drive his car over two pro-lifers in Jackson. His criminal trial is Dec. 18. Will the Church show up?

After our trial in Pearl, we stood with the local pro-life Christians outside of the Jackson death center. It was amazing how grand of a stir just a handful of activists and some street preachers could make for a couple of days. There is tremendous spiritual warfare taking place there.

The neighboring businesses are very angry. The police are sick of us. The abortionists hate us. The babies need us, so let's keep the pressure up!

Let's keep singing, praying, preaching, pamphleting, and picketing outside of this last den of slaughter in all of Mississippi.

One of the neighboring businessmen is filing "disorderly conduct" charges against all of us. He did this after assault charges were filed against him when he brazenly sprayed pro-lifer Bill Ashleywith the water hose and turned the sprinkler on him. At least the police saw the sprinkler aimed upon Bill as it also watered the sidewalk and the street. Do you remember what happened last July when the Jackson police did nothing while watching pro-abortion anarchists jumping on a car witha pro-lifer inside while they smashed his car and windshield with a pipe? The police wouldn't arrest them or even demand their names in order to file a report, even after the anarchists threatened to kill the pro-lifer in his car. The police wanted to arrest and jail us last week for not producing government issued identification when this neighbor accused "all" of us of disorderly conduct. Being as I had two of my children with me, I didn't risk arrest but only gave them my name and address. No, I didn't produce id. for them or give them my date of birth.

Let's stop pondering about election losses and take the Gospel to the streets. Let's proclaim with our lives and our liberty that the murdering of preborn children must stop, NOW!

I am shouting GLORY all the way!

Cal Zastrow