Friday, January 18, 2008

State human life amendment efforts underway!

Dear reader,

In an earlier post I wrote about the states of Colorado and Montana working on Human Life Amendments. Petition drives are currently underway in both states to get this issue on the ballot! Please visit the following links to get more information. Also, please pray for and, if you are able, consider sending support financially to these groups. Michigan Citizens for Life tried to get a personhood amendment on the ballot in 2006, but was opposed by other "pro-life" groups, the Michigan Catholic Conference and Michigan "Right to Life".

Montana Personhood Amendment

Colorado personhood Amendment

Also, the state of Georgia is working on getting a Personhood Amendment passed in the state legislature. You may visit the following link for more information. Please keep these efforts in your prayers!

Georgia Personhood Amendment

For the preborn and liberty,

James Niemela