Friday, November 16, 2007

Two states working to end abortion.

Dear reader,
Some of you may recall that during the spring of 2006, Michigan Citizens for Life conducted a petition drive to amend Michigan's Constitution to define life as starting at conception. Partly due to fierce opposition from some other "pro-life" organizations in Michigan, most notably the Michigan Catholic Conference and Michigan Right to Life, and despite the hard work of many true prolifers in the state of Michigan, the petition drive was not successful in garnering enough signatures to get the initiative on the ballot. Often times, when efforts like this fail, prolifers across the country are discouraged. However, there is good news. Two states are working to actually stop abortion. What a great idea! So often we hear of news when abortion is only being regulated, such as "parental notification laws", "fetal pain awareness acts", and other measures that really only say when or how you can kill the baby. Why not STOP killing the baby, rather than just regulating the murder? Well, Colorado and Montana are working to do just that!
I wrote earlier of Colorado for Equal Rights, which is working to amend the Colorado Constitution to define life as starting at fertilization. Usually, when such an effort is started, there are many pro-murder people litigating to stop it. This case was no different. After working it's way through the red tape, and finally landing before the Colorado Supreme Court, the court sided with the prolifers in their right to get this issue on the ballot. The petition drive is now underway. Please pray for the Colorado prolifers, and, if you are led to, and are able, donate to this effort.
Contact: Kristi Burton, Colorado for Equal Rights Spokesperson - 719-661-8827
In Montana, meanwhile, State Representative Rick Jore this past spring introduced a bill in the House which would have defined life as starting at conception. The bill made it out of committee, but was defeated in the State House by a vote of 53-45. A petition drive is now being organized to get this measure on Montana's ballot in 2008. I will try to keep you up to date as this matter progresses. The state of Montana has a rare jewel in State Rep Rick Jore. He is a real Christian Statesman. Please pray for Rick and his family, and all the prolifers in Montana as they undertake this great task for the precious preborn!
James Niemela